We present you with a new range of FF Bofill polypropylene pipes, a new range of products aimed to facilitate the assembly and installation of chimneys by means of kits.  For this reason, all of the products we present in this catalogue are grouped in kits in different options and combinations.

With the different kits of the FF Bofill polypropylene pipe range, the right product is always chosen and its assembly and installation are made easy for the customer.

With this new orientation, our range of FF Bofill products is divided into the following configurations:

1- Concentric polypropylene pipe
2- Concentric pipe with flexible tube
3- Single wall pipe

Each of our configurations has the corresponding kits, pipes and accessories. The final aim is that for each configuration, the kits to be installed might be easily found as well as all other products to adapt to each kind of installation.

The concentric conduct along with the seal allow the gases to be evacuated and air to be brought in for the combustion in sealed condensation boilers.  The single wall conduct allows the gas evacuation and provides air for the sealed condensation boiler via independent inlets.

The single wall pipes are in white polypropylene with a seal.  In concentric pipes, the interior conduct is made in polypropylene and the exterior in white lacquered steel.  The polypropylene is highly resistant to corrosion so it is ideal for use in condensation boilers.

The range of polypropylene pipes from FF Bofill SA meets the requirements of current regulations such as UNE-EN 14471 on chimneys with interior plastic conducts, and UNE-EN 14989:1 on vertical terminals.

The new range of FF Bofill polypropylene pipe products therefore includes all of the necessary elements to successfully complete any kind of installation in polypropylene.

Only condensing boilers
Gas / Diesel
Boilers equipped with temperature limiter 120 ° C

Concentric technical innovations C1-C3:
Polypropylene inner wall board
Outer wall of white painted steel RAL 9003 with seal

Flexible Concentric technical innovations C9-C3 / B22P-B23P:
Polypropylene (PP)
Installation only indoor

Concentric Chimney
It is manufactured in 2 sizes: 60/100 80/125
Inner diameter: 60-80
Outside Diameter: 100 -125
Interior wall Material: Polypropylene
Exterior wall Material: Steel lacquered white
Joint type: male-female
Working temperature: 120 ° C (T120)
Vertical terminals: according to UNE-EN 14989: 1

Single Chimney Wall
Inside diameter: 80-100
Interior wall Material: Polypropylene
Joint type: male-female
Working temperature: 120 ° C (T120)


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