Bofill. Solutions chimneys and ducts for the evacuation of smoke and gases.

Experience is BOFILL’s key asset and we are proud to have been with our clients for over 100 years, always offering a precise professional response, so they come to rely on those they most trust.

Trust built up through the quality, efficiency and reliability of our products and our relationship with clients, involving full cooperation. There is no greater satisfaction for us than the fact that our company’s positive development goes hand in hand with that of our clients; this is the clearest proof that we understand what they need to their greater benefit.

But it is not just a question of experience, desire and service; it is also about being ready, trained and equipped to meet all requests diligently. Every day, BOFILL, a leader in the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of pipes and conduits for smoke and gas extraction, puts the latest technology and cutting-edge systems into practice in its manufacturing processes, opening the door to large-scale solutions and the best business opportunities for our clients.

F.F. BOFILL SA. We are a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of pipes and conduits smoke evacuation and gases. Our products enjoy wide acceptance around the world and thousands of customers are our guarantee. We are sure we will live better suited to the needs of your installation or the product sought by clients.

Learn more about us through this website and we hope that our Internet presence will make an important information tool. Feel free to ask any questions or suggestions.

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